Succession of tenancy

In some cases when a tenant dies, the tenancy can pass to another family member, although this can only happen once.  This is called Succession.  The people who may be able to take over the tenancy are:

  • Another joint tenant
  • The tenant’s spouse or long term partner (including same sex partner)
  • The son or daughter of the tenant (including adopted children)
  • A close member of the tenant’s family

Except for a joint tenant or spouse, the person taking on the tenancy must have been living at the property for 12 months prior to the death of the tenant.  In cases where the property is too large for the remaining family, Tamar may ask them to move to more suitable accommodation. 

The rules and laws about succession are complicated.  If you think you might be eligible to succeed to a tenancy you should call Tamar on 01752 250902.