Probationary Tenancies

Tamar gives all new residents a probationary Tenancy, unless they have moved from another social landlord.  This will normally last for one year.  The purpose of a probationary tenancy is to give a new resident the chance to show that they are able to maintain a tenancy.

A probationary Tenancy is an Assured Shorthold Tenancy.

How Does a Probationary Tenancy Work?

So long as you keep to your tenancy conditions the probationary Tenancy lasts for one year.  At the end of that year the tenancy automatically converts to an assured or Fixed Term tenancy, depending on the type of tenancy you have.  You do not need to sign any paperwork.

However, if you breach your tenancy Tamar may extend the probationary period or end the tenancy.

Why do we use Probationary Tenancies?

Tamar uses Probationary Tenancies to help us to reduce anti-social behaviour or other problems from new residents.  They help us to be sure that new residents understand what is required of them and make it easier for Tamar to end a tenancy when there are serious problems.

Extending or Ending Your Probationary Tenancy

Tamar will only extend or end your probationary tenancy if you breach your tenancy agreement.  This is normally because;

  • There are significant or persistent rent arrears
  • There is continuing anti-social behaviour
  • There has been a serious incident of violence or threat of violence
  • There has been a serious breach of the tenancy agreement

Remember, you are responsible for the behaviour of all of the visitors to your property.

If Tamar decides to extend or end your Probationary Tenancy we will write to you to tell you why.  You will have the right to appeal against the extension or ending of your tenancy.  We would normally consider whether you have breached your tenancy and whether it would be proportionate to end your tenancy because of the breach.

What Rights do I have as a Probationary Tenant?

Your rights are similar to other assured or Fixed term tenants except that;

  • You do not have the Right to Acquire
  • You can not exchange your home with another social housing tenant
  • You can not make improvements to your home
  • You can not take in a lodger