Keeping a Pet

Tamar recognises that pets can be a great source of companionship and are important for many families.  While we understand that you may want to keep a pet we also have to consider the impact your pet may have on your neighbours and your property. 

You will need to ask Tamar's permission before keeping a pet (as set out in your tenancy agreement).

Tamar expects pet owners to be responsible, to look after their pets and to ensure that they do not cause a nuisance to neighbours or foul the communal areas.

If you are unsure about whether you need permission please call us on 01752 250902.

Applying for permission to keep a pet

You can apply for permission to keep a pet by filling out the form on the right on this page, by writing to Tamar or by visiting our offices.

Tamar’s policy on pets is set our below

  • The resident is responsible for the behaviour of their pet at all times
  • A maximum of one cat or dog will be allowed per property (including flats and houses)
  • In flats, only small dogs (under 10kg when adult) will be allowed.  
  • Dogs must not be allowed to foul communal areas
  • Dogs must be kept on a lead while in the vicinity of the property or in any communal area
  • If you wish to fit a cat flap in your property you will need to seek Tamar's permission first. Cat flaps are not permitted in uPVC doors, communal doors or flat doors unless the door leads straight outside
  • Caged animals, such as birds, fish, rodents or reptiles are permitted but are limited to 3 cages or tanks per property

(Please note that some in some flats, where Tamar is not the head landlord pets are not permitted under any circumstances.  Please speak to your Housing Officer before getting a pet to check if pets are allowed in your home)


Keeping poultry may be permitted but only in properties with a larger garden and only in limited circumstances.  If you would like to keep poultry you should contact Tamar.  You will also need to check any local bylaws and planning restrictions.  We would need to see the Council’s written permission before we would consider any request to keep poultry.

Assistance Dogs

Assistance dogs are permitted but would count as the one pet per property.  For flats, the size restriction  of a maximum of 10 kg is waived for assistance dogs so long as evidence is produced to confirm their status.

Withdrawing permission to keep a pet

We will contact you if there are any complaints about your pet.  You will get the chance to put right any issues except where a dog is agressive or has bitten someone. Permission for pets may be withdrawn where;

  • The pet causes a persistent nuisance, for example by barking, being aggressive or causing a mess
  • The pet bites anyone who is not a member of your family in the locality of your home
  • We are concerned for the pets welfare and the resident has not taken steps to deal with our concerns
  • The pet has fouled the communal area and the resident has not cleared up any resulting mess or where there is persistent fouling
  • The dog has been left to roam the local area or has not been kept on a lead in communal areas
  • The pet has caused damage to the property and the resident has failed to put the damage right

Where permission is withdrawn  Tamar will expect the resident to rehome their pet.  If this does not happen within a reasonable time it may put your home at risk.

Where Tamar discovers a pet that  does not have our permission the resident may request retrospective permission but this will only be granted in line with the above conditions.

Permission granted prior to 1st May 2017

Residents with permission for pets granted before 1st May 2017 may have more pets than set out above or may have a larger dog in a flat than is permitted.  However, once the pet passes away the above policy will be applicable.