Report a Repair

If you are a South Western Housing tenant then please go to

If you are reporting a defect for a property which is LESS than 12 months old, please email or call 01752 250902 Monday to Thursday between 9am-5pm and Fridays 9am-4pm. If you are reporting an out of hours emergency defect for a property less than 12 months old, please call the developer's emergency contact number which can be found in your blue Home User Guide.  

Tamar Housing tenants please use this form to report a repair. This form should only be used for non-urgent repairs for properties that are OVER 12 months old. 

For all repairs for properties OVER 12 months old (for Tamar Housing tenants) you should call the

Repairs Service on

01752 222333

This number is available 24/7


Your details will be passed on to the Repairs Service who will contact you to make an appointment to resolve your problem.  If you have a problem with a repair please call the Repairs Service on 01752 222333.