Repairs for Leaseholders and Shared Owners

The repair responsibilities for shared owners depend on whether you live in a house or a flat.

Repairs to flats

Shared owners and leaseholders are responsible for all repairs inside their own property. Tamar is responsible for the communal areas and the outside of the building, including the window frames, but not the glass in the windows.

Repairs to houses

Shared owners are responsible for all repairs.

If you are not sure whether a repair is yours or Tamar’s responsibility please give us a call and we will advise you.

Communal repairs

You can report repairs to communal areas to the Tamar Repairs Service by calling

Tamar's Repairs Service on 01752 222333

You will need to tell the Repairs Service your name, address, your contact phone number and what the problem is.

In an emergency we will get an operative out to you as soon as possible to make the situation safe.

Emergency Repairs (out of office hours) 01752 222333


Tamar will keep the property insured against loss or damage by fire and such other risks to its full reinstatement value (including all professional fees).  Tamar is obliged whenever required to produce the insurance policy and the receipt for the last premium.

In the event of your property being damaged or destroyed by fire or other risks covered by insurance, Tamar will make a claim with the insurers on your behalf.  We will then use any money claimed to make repairs to your home or to rebuild the property.  However, you should ensure that you have your own household contents insurance as Tamar does not provide this type of cover. 

The cost of the buildings insurance will be included in your service charge.  If you purchase the property outright (100%) and if your property is a house then you would be responsible for your own buildings insurance.

Annual Gas Servicing

Where you have gas heating it is important to check the boiler at least annually. If you are a shared owner you are responsible for paying all servicing and repairs to your gas boiler.  However, Tamar has negotiated a deal where you are able to access gas serving at a reduced rate.  For more information please contact our offices.

Please use a GasSafe registered engineer to maintain the safety and efficiency of your boiler.