Repair Responsibilities

As a tenant, you are responsible for reporting any repairs, damage or faults to Tamar promptly and for replacing or repairing anything which is your responsibility.

Full details of the repair responsibilities of you and Tamar are included in your tenancy agreement or lease.  If you are a shared owner or leaseholder please go the the repairs for Leaseholders page.  Details of which repairs you are responsible for and which are Tamar’s responsibility are given in the table below.

If your property is less than 12 months old then please contact the Development Team on 01752 250902 for repairs general enquiries.

Tamar’s Responsibility

The exterior structure of the property, including drains, gutters, roof, chimneys (including sweeping), walls, doors, windows and window frames .

The internal structure including walls, wall tiles, floors, ceilings, doors and skirting boards.

The fittings for the supply of water, gas and electricity.

Plumbing, such as toilets, sinks, basins, taps (including washers), baths, and waste pipes .

The electrics such as wiring, light fittings, switches and power points.

The heating and hot water systems.

Main access paths, steps and boundary walls & fences.

Communal areas of blocks of flats, such as shared entrances, stairways, lifts, lighting, TV aerials, floors, drying areas and boundary fences.

Decorating of the exterior of the property, including any window frames and rain water goods.

Your Responsibility

Battery operated door bells, letterboxes, changing door locks after losing keys.

Internal door handles and catches, floor coverings, minor cracks to plasterwork, minor gaps between skirting boards, adjusting doors to fit carpets.

Your own appliances and fittings including showers.

Toilet seats, bath and sink plugs and unblocking toilets and drains

Light bulbs, fluorescent strips, fuses, TV aerials (excluding communal aerials) and cleaning extractor fans.

Setting the controls on the heating, bleeding any radiators and topping up boilers.

Except in communal areas, garden paths, washing lines and sheds.

Decorating the inside of the property.

Do you have any other responsibilities?

You are also responsible for:

  • Reporting any repairs or defects promptly
  • Keeping the property clean and tidy
  • Providing and replacing carpets and curtains
  • Cleaning of windows
  • Keeping the garden, including any trees and bushes, in good order
  • Providing a dustbin
  • Putting right any damage caused by you, members of your household or visitors to your property
  • Any damage which would normally be covered by a home contents insurance policy. Details of low cost home insurance is available from the office
  • Repairs to any fixtures or fittings supplied by you

Will you be recharged for any repairs?

Tamar will not carry out repairs which are your responsibility (see  table above).  In some circumstances you may be asked to pay for a repair up front if it is likely to be a rechargeable repair, for example where the repair was your responsibility (see table above).  You may also be charged if the repair is needed  because;

  • The damage was caused by you, a member of your household or a visitor to your property
  • You could have taken action to prevent or minimise the damage but did not do so (for example by putting a bucket under a leak)
  • There was no need to call out a contractor
  • Tamar has to remove rubbish or personal items belonging to you
  • A contractor attends a prearranged appointment, but no one is there

Tamar allows a 15 minute assessment period by the contractor.  If work is completed within this period then there will be no recharge.  Also, in some cases of simple faults the first report by a resident is not recharged.  This includes re-setting trip switches and topping up boilers.

If Tamar carries out a repair which we believe you are responsible for, we will write to you telling you about the repair and the cost of the work.  You will then be given a chance to make an arrangement to repay the charge. If you do not repay the charge, we may pass on your details to our debt collection agency, who will pursue you for the debt.

Missed Repair appointments-Tamar will charge you from 1st January 2019      

Tamar aims to provide tenants with an effective repairs service and to make sure our properties are safe, for example by doing a gas safety check each year. It is also important that we manage our resources wisely, delivering good value for money for you and Tamar.
When an appointment for a repair or gas safety check is missed, this has a cost for Tamar. We have to pay the contractor for turning up to the missed appointment and then pay again for the follow on.
From April to October last year there were 55 repair/services that did not take place due to the tenant missing the appointment. This has cost Tamar nearly £3200 just for the cost of the failed appointment! 
We do realise that sometimes there are good reasons why an appointment is missed, so we have decided not to charge for the first time. However, if it happens a second time you will be charged. Tamar will write to you letting you know we will be charging you £41.20 plus VAT which is £49.44.
If you have any queries about this please phone Paul Raeburn, Operations Manager on 01752 250902.