Annual Gas Servicing

Where you have gas heating, Tamar is legally obliged to check the boiler at least annually.  This is an important check for your own safety, and we ask that you give our contractors access to your property to carry out the check.

When your boiler is due for its safety check, our GasSafe registered engineer will contact you to arrange an appointment.  It is important that you make a suitable appointment as soon as possible.

Your safety is our main priority, but if you fail to give us access for the safety check, we may have to go to Court to force entry to carry out the work.  If this happens, you will be charged any Court Costs and the cost of forcing entry to your home, if this is required.

Shared Owners and Leaseholders

Tamar does not have an obligation to check your boiler.  However, we do offer access to our contractors for shared owners and leaseholders.  If you would like information about gas servicing costs please call the office on 01752 250902.



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