Reporting a Repair

As a tenant, you are responsible for reporting any repairs, damage or faults to Tamar promptly and for replacing or repairing anything which is your responsibility.

Report a Repair

If your home is less than 12 months old:

Between Monday and Friday, 9am-5pm, please call the office on 01752 250902 or for non-emergencies email

Out of Hours Emergency
For emergency defects outside of our office hours, please call the Developer's emergency contact number which can be found in your blue home user guide.

If your home is over 12 months old:

For ALL repairs, please call Tamar Repairs Service on 01752 222 333. This number is available 24/7.

You will need to tell the Repairs Service your name, address, your contact number and what the problem is. 

When you call the Repairs Service you will be able to agree a mutually convenient appointment.

Out of Hours Emergency

In an emergency, we will get an operative out to you as soon as possible to make the situation safe. 

Emergencies include;

  • Uncontrolled water leaks
  • Gas leaks
  • Total electrical failure
  • Unsafe sockets or light fittings
  • Fire alarms sounding

Failure of heating and hot water is not considered an emergency.  The contractor will attend on the next working day.


It is not always possible to give specific timed appointments.

When you call the Repairs Service you will be able to agree an appointment with us.  We try to offer appointments that are convenient to you rather than just morning or afternoons.  You can ask us to avoid certain times, such as school pick up times or chose a time when you have a day off.

Missed Repair appointments-Tamar will charge you from 1st January 2019 

Tamar aims to provide tenants with an effective repairs service and to make sure our properties are safe, for example by doing a gas safety check each year. It is also important that we manage our resources wisely, delivering good value for money for you and Tamar.

When an appointment for a repair or gas safety check is missed, this has a cost for Tamar. We have to pay the contractor for turning up to the missed appointment and then pay again for the follow on.

Last year there were 55 missed appointments from April to October, which cost Tamar nearly £3200. We do realise that sometimes there are good reasons why an appointment is missed, so we have decided not to charge for the first time. However, if it happens a second time you will be charged. Tamar will write to you letting you know we will be charging you £41.20 plus VAT which is £49.44.

If you have any queries about this please phone Paul Raeburn, Operations Manager on 01752 250902.