Redwood Heights, Plympton

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Tamar Housing has been working with Rentplus, Barratt Homes and Plymouth City Council to provide 27 new Rentplus homes in Plympton.

The Rentplus properties comprise of:

  • 22 two bedroom houses (Rent approx £530 pcm)
  • 5 three bedroom houses (Rent approx £630 pcm)

Work is well underway on site and the first new Rentplus homes were occupied in February 2018 - you can read more about the opening ceremony for these properties here.

More houses will be available at Redwood Heights throughout 2018 - keep an eye on our website and social media pages for more information.

There will be a total of 190 new homes as well as a new community park on this large development located within the popular Chaddlewood area of Plympton. The scheme is well placed with easy access to a variety of local amenities and transport links.

You can download more information about the properties here:

For more information on the overall scheme you can visit Barratt Homes website here.

Who Should Apply for a Rentplus Home?

Rentplus is aimed at people who are looking to move into home ownership.  You might be renting privately, living with relatives or renting from a housing association or Council.  Rentplus will be especially attractive to younger families who will be able to get a mortgage in 5 to 20 years.

You will need to show that you can save a deposit over a number of years, that you will be able to get a mortgage and that you are committed to home ownership.

Rentplus would be suitable for people who

  • Are in work or in training
  • Have been saving for a deposit or are able to do so
  • People who have a good credit history or who are already taking steps to improve their credit score

Rentplus will especially suit people who are looking to buy a home but aren’t able to do so yet, as you will get the chance to save up for a deposit while living in your new home.  You might be looking to get a better job, training for a career or looking for promotion.

What should you consider before bidding for a Rentplus Home?

You should consider the following questions carefully before bidding.

a)    Can you afford to pay the rent and start saving for a deposit?

b)    Will you be able to get a mortgage when your home comes to the end of its time as a Rentplus home?

c)    How old will you be when your home comes to the end of its time as a Rentplus home?  If you will be over 50 this might affect your ability to get a mortgage.

d)    Are there better housing options for you? 

If you are high on the HomeChoice list, waiting for a Housing Association home might be a better option.

Applying for Rentplus

Rentplus is new type of affordable housing aimed at people who aspire to home ownership. You will be able to rent a home at an affordable rent (80% of the market rent) for between 5 and 20 years.  At the end of this time you will get the chance to buy your home with the benefit of a gifted deposit. Priority for Rentplus homes will be given to those bidding using Devon HomeChoice (see above link) in the first instance. Should there be insufficient applications with a local connection who bid then Tamar will consider applications made directly. To apply directly to Tamar please click on the "applying for a Rentplus home" link above.