Welfare Benefits Advice

Sue Fitzsimmons

Sue Fitzsimmons is the Debt and Benefit advisor for Tamar Housing and her role is to support tenants to ensure that they are in receipt of the correct benefits and Housing Benefit as well as offering assistance with budgeting and setting up payment plans to pay their household bills and debts.  

Sue has successfully supported almost 200 Tamar tenants with the following:

  • Claim the correct state benefits and sickness benefit.
  • Apply for Housing Benefit including back dated payments.
  • Help with appeals for benefits and sickness benefits.
  • Financial support with the bedroom tax.
  • Advice about Universal Credits.
  • Help with budgeting.
  • Set up payment plans to pay utility bills.
  • Liaise with creditors and bailiffs to set up realistic payment plans to pay off debts.
  • Get financial assistance for white goods.
  • Help open a bank account.
  • Help with complicated letters, forms and telephone calls in connection with health, benefits and finance.

If you would like confidential support or advice from Sue then please do not hesitate to call her on 01752 831974.

You can also obtain support and advice from external agencies listed to the right of this page.