Rent Arrears

What should you do if you can't pay your rent?

Contact Tamar immediately on 01752 250902; we’ll do all we can to help.

  • If you think you may be entitled to housing benefit, contact the Council and make an application.  Make sure you provide all the information needed to assess your claim.  If not your claim will be delayed or not paid.

  • Keep Tamar up to date with information about your housing benefit claim.

  • Make an arrangement with your Rent Arrears Officer to pay off any arrears at a rate you can afford.

  • Ask someone at the Citizens Advice Bureau to help you

Don’t just ignore the problem,

it will not go away

Tamar has to follow a set of rules when collecting rent and other money owed.  If you do not pay your rent on time you will be in arrears and we will have to take action to collect the money that you owe.  The action we will take is listed below:

 a)     We will write to you to ask that you either pay the arrears or contact someone at Tamar.

b)     Should you contact us and let us know that you can not pay off the full amount in one go, you will be given an opportunity to catch up with any missed payments by instalment.

c)      Failure to contact us or to pay as agreed will result in the serving of a Notice Seeking Possession on you; this is the first step to Tamar taking you to Court.

d)     If you continue to withhold payment, we will take you to Court.  The Court will order you to pay Court Costs as well as the rent arrears you owe.

e)     If you still do not pay after the Court Hearing, you may be asked to leave your home.  If you move out while you owe money, you will still have to pay the money that you owe.

Remember, you will always be given the chance to pay the money you owe.  If you stay in touch with us we will try to provide you with the support that you need to resolve the problems and help you keep your home.