How To Pay Your Rent - Updated due to Coronavirus

Tamar, as a charitable organisation, wants all residents affected by the outbreak to be reassured they will not be evicted, however your rent remains due in the normal way.

We recognise that many of our residents may be placed in serious difficulties as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.  The Government has put in place significant changes to the benefits system to help you. If you are worried about financial difficulties please call us on 01752 250902 for advice and support or email  

Tamar tries to make rent payments as convenient as possible.  There are a number of ways to pay, but you should remember that you need to pay your rent weekly or monthly in advance.  Most residents will get an Allpay payment card.  You can use this in a variety of ways to make a payment.

By Phone

Your AllPay card allows you to make payments by phone. You can phone the automated line any time of the day or night. Call 0330 041 6497 (call charges apply).

At the Post Office - where available due to Coronavirus

You can take your AllPay card to any PayPoint or Post Office to make a payment.

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By Direct Debit

You can pay your rent by Direct Debit weekly, fortnightly or monthly.  For monthly payments you can make a payment on any day of the month.  If you want to set up a Direct Debit just call 01752 250902.

By Standing Order

To pay by Standing Order just call our office on 01752 250902 and we'll advise you on how to set this up. 

Payment App

You can download the free AllPay app at most app stores.  Once you register, you will be able to pay using the app at any time.

Via the Internet

You can pay by clicking on the Quick Link on the right or go to and follow  the step by step guide.

Pay Your Rent On-Line


Rents Leaflet

Into Tamar's bank account 

Residents may also pay direct into our bank account – please call us to find out further details on 01752 250902.

By Phone  

If you have a debit or credit card you can pay by phoning our offices on 01752 250902 - not currently available due to coronavirus and the office being closed.

Payment at our Offices 

You can pay with cash, cheque or debit card at our offices, which are open from 9am to 5pm each weekday - not currently available due to coronavirus and the office being closed.