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New Gardening Contract

Plymscape 2   Plymscape

In 2016 Tamar carried out a tendering exercise for our grounds maintenance contract.  This covers grass cutting, weeding, maintaining flower beds etc. We invited 21 companies to submit a price for the gardening service and selected the 4 lowest prices for interview.

Our Residents’ Group member, Julie Quest, was involved in the interviews for the new gardening contractor and helped select the successful company, Plymscape.  We were impressed with the price they offered as well as the quality of the gardens we inspected.

Plymscape are a small Plymouth company, who amongst other things, maintain the gardens at St Luke’s Hospice in Plymstock.

Plymscape will begin their gardening work in April 2017 and will start by improving some areas of garden that we feel have been neglected.

If you look after an area of garden please let us know so that we can inform the new contractor.  You might also want to introduce yourselves to them so that they can ensure that they don’t affect any work you are doing.