Right to Acquire

Tamar residents may be able to get a discount to buy the home they currently rent.  This is called the Right to Acquire.  It is different from the Right to Buy, with a maximum discount currently available of £11,000.

You don’t automatically have the Right to Acquire, instead you need to meet the following requirements;

a) If your tenancy started after 18th January 2005 you need to have been a social housing tenant for at least 5 years.

b) Your home must have been built after 1st April 1997.

c) Your home must be your only home.

There are other criterion too, so if you are interested please contact the office.  In order to make an application there is an official form (RTA1) which can be downloaded or you can call Tamar's office

There are some rules about what happens when you sell your home, but as long as you live there as your main home for more than 3 years they should not apply.