Homes for Rent in Cornwall

If you live in Cornwall and are looking to rent a Tamar property or are living in a Tamar property and want to transfer within Cornwall you should apply direct via Cornwall HomeChoice. 

How to apply

The only way to apply for a transfer is by using the Cornwall HomeChoice scheme.  To find out about how it works you can visit the website at


When you apply to your local authority, they will give you a priority banding, A to E.  The band you get will depend on your circumstances.  Examples of the banding are given below, although the final decision is always made by your local authority.

A = Emergency Housing

Urgent medical need, emergency disrepair, moving to escape violence.

B = High Housing Need

Overcrowded by 2 or more rooms, moving to smaller property, high health or wellbeing need.

C = Medium Housing Need

Overcrowded by 1 room, moving to a smaller property, medium health or wellbeing need, living above 3rd floor with children under 8…

D= Low Housing Need

Low health or wellbeing need,

E = No Housing need

Bidding for properties

Once you have been allocated a band you will be able to bid for a new property.  Normally the successful applicant will be the applicant from the highest band who bids.  Where there is more than one applicant in a band the date of the application is used to decide who gets the property.

You can view the properties on Cornwall HomeChoice and place bids via the website at they are also advertised in The West Briton News.