Tamar’s Allocation Policy

Tamar does not restrict the allocation of housing to any specific group or groups of applicants.  Applications, via the appropriate Choice Based Lettings system, will be accepted except where they:

  • Are under the age of 18 and do not have an appropriate guarantor.
  • Have previously had a tenancy with Tamar and they were served a notice for a breach of their tenancy agreement.  For example because of anti-social behaviour or harassment.
  • Owe Tamar rent or recharges for a former tenancy and have made no agreement to repay the outstanding money.
  • Require support to maintain their tenancy, which is not being provided.  Tamar may arrange to provide support, through a variety of other agencies, but where this is not forthcoming the applicant may be refused accommodation.
  • Do not meet the local connection, age or other requirements for the property.

However, where there are issues of sustainability within a particular area or estate, Tamar may develop a local lettings plan with the assistance of the local authority.  This could restrict the applicants for a particular scheme by, for example, allowing the under occupation of some properties.

Size Criteria

Tamar will only allocate properties to a family of the correct size for the property.

No property will be allocated where the number of persons in the household exceeds the number of bedspaces.  In deciding whether property is suitable for a family the following criteria will be used.

  • The tenant (or joint tenants) will have the largest bedroom
  • Each adult or adult couple will have their own room (anyone aged over 16 is counted as an adult)
  • Two children of the same sex may share a bedroom, whatever their age
  • Two children of opposite sexes may share a bedroom until the oldest is 10
  • Only one child or adult may occupy a single room (under 9.5m2 in area).  Rooms over 9.5m2 may be occupied by one or two people
  • Allowance is made for applicants who need separate rooms for medical reasons or where there is a need for an overnight carer.  Evidence of the need will have to be provided
  • Spare bedrooms are not permitted
  • Where the property will be under-occupied (for example because of medical reasons) and the tenant will be in receipt of Housing Benefit, Tamar will carry out a financial assessment to ensure that the tenant is able to afford to pay the rent.


Tamar does not operate a transfer waiting list.  Instead, Tamar residents who wish to move need to apply directly to the local authority for inclusion on the Housing Register.  They may then apply for a Tamar property, along with anyone else on the Register.