The Residents’ Group

The Residents’ Group meet regularly with Tamar staff members to discuss issues of interest to residents.  The role of the Group is to

  • Monitor resident satisfaction
  • Monitor Tamar’s performance
  • Review Tamar’s housing policies
  • Promote the rights of residents

“We get so much out of being part of the Residents’ Group especially when it comes to decision making.  For example, I was involved in interviewing the gardening contractors.  We chose someone who the staff wouldn’t have chosen because they would do a better job.  We are a friendly group but would love to see some more residents get involved” – Julie Quest, Residents’ Group member

“ I recently came to my first meeting of the Residents’ Group.  I thought it would be quire formal, but is was very friendly and I was made to feel really welcome and my views were taken on board” – Nick Page, Residents’ Group Member

Any Tamar resident can become a member of the Group.  If you are interested, please contact Stuart on 01752 250902 or  .  Tamar will pay any travelling expenses and pay for training where this is appropriate.

Recently the Group has helped Tamar to develop its Fixed Term Tenancy policy, reviewed the gardening service, been involved in the new website and many other activities.


Residents from the Residents Group can also get involved in scrutiny and their role is to hold Tamar to account.  Their job is to help Tamar to improve its services and performance.

They look at how good Tamar is at the things that matter to you, the residents.  They also review the way Tamar does things and investigate when things go wrong.

It is an informal panel, which will meet several times a year, Tamar pays for any travel expenses and provide tea, coffee and biscuits.


However, we know that not everyone has the time to come to meetings.  So you can get involved in other ways too.

If you would like to get involved but cannot attend meetings, then please contact Mark on 01752 389133 or to find out how your services could be utilised. Everyone is welcome no matter how much time you can commit.  


Service Reviews

The scrutiny group has carried out a number of service reviews.  In each case the Group has taken evidence from staff and drawn its own conclusion about how the service could be improved.

Newsletter (April 2014)

The scrutiny group have started to edit the Tamar’s Residents Newsletter.

Service Charges (2013)

The scrutiny group reviewed the service charge calculations and how these are presented to residents.

Complaints (March 2012)

Tamar has worked with the Residents’ Group to simplify the Complaints Policy. This has resulted in a streamlined policy with 2 stages rather than 3.  In addition, a member of the Residents’ Group will form part of any appeals panel for the final stage of a complaint. This means that residents will be represented in the panel for the first time.

Recharges (October 2011)

Tamar has been working with the Residents’ Scrutiny Group, on Tamar’s recharges policy. 

Recharges happen when Tamar carries out work in your home that is your responsibility, where you cause damage to your home or where you miss a pre-arranged appointment.

Some common recharges are resetting electrical trip switches, topping up boilers and replacing light bulbs.  In each case this work is your responsibility and if Tamar is called out to do these you may be recharged.

As a result of the work of the scrutiny group, Tamar has changed its policy.  Here are the main changes;

  • You will now be allowed a 15 minute assessment period free of charge when a contractor calls. If they find that the repair is your responsibility they will tell you this but you won’t be charged.
  • For some types of work that are your responsibility we may carry out the work once, but will expect you to do it yourself in future.
  • You may be asked to pay up front for some types of work.

Voids (Empty Properties) (July 2011)

Tamar has worked with the Residents’ Scrutiny Group on our procedures for dealing with empty properties. The Group inspected some empty properties and looked at what Tamar was doing to re-let them. As a result of the review Tamar now routinely change the locks on all empty properties, have introduced new procedures for granting decorating allowances, updated the void standard and changed some of our procedures. In addition, the Residents’ Scrutiny Group worked with Tamar to select a new void cleaning contractor, helping to save Tamar money while still providing an excellent service. Finally, Tamar has introduced a new Move Out Incentive.  If, when you leave your home, it is left ready to let to someone else we will give you £100.