The Residents’ Group

The Residents’ Group meet regularly with Tamar staff members to discuss issues of interest to residents.  

On January 29th 2019 the Residents’ Group met for the first time this year.  The group is the main means of resident consultation for Tamar and agrees policies, monitors performance, looks into lessons learned from complaints and gets involved in one off projects.

A key theme of the meeting was how residents’ could become more central to Tamar’s work. It was agreed that from now on when policies are being reviewed residents will be involved from the outset working alongside staff. The next policy being reviewed is the Service Charges Policy in February. At the meeting the residents group approved the Rent Arrears Policy, the Starter Tenancy policy, the Repairs Policy and the Void Repairs Policy.

The Resident Involvement Strategy, which sets out how residents are involved, is being reviewed over the next few months. A key objective will be to get the opinions from as many residents as possible to feed into this.  A working group is being set up and if you want to take part please contact Paul Raeburn on 01752 250902 or e-mail

Tamar has a number of service areas audited each year by an external company called Mazar’s. The residents group agreed that Service charges would be one of the areas audited in 2019.


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