How to Get Involved

Resident Board Members

We like to encourage residents to sit on our Board of management. This Board looks at the whole of Tamar and sets the organisation’s strategy and policies. Residents get training to help them to carry out their role and to properly hold us to account. We are not recruiting for Board members at present due to the current merger talks with South Western Housing.

The Residents’ Group

This is a group of interested residents who meet on a quarterly basis.  Meetings are held both in the day and in the evening, so that residents can attend when it is convenient.  The Group looks at some of our policies, our performance and helps to shape our services. 


We post regularly on Facebook, letting our residents know what we are doing, what our proposals are and passing on news about Tamar.  You can also message us or post your own comments. 


Tamar likes to involve residents when interviewing staff.  The residents are generally drawn from the Residents' Group, but may include any interested residents. The residents play a full part in the interview, asking their own questions and have a say in the final selection. 

Estate residents’ meetings

We will hold meetings at our estates where residents ask for one, where there are problems with anti-social behaviour or where we are carrying out major refurbishment works.  These meetings are always open to anyone living on the estate.

Estate inspections

Our housing staff visit estates regularly to check on the cleaning and gardening and to sort out any communal repairs.  We try to invite residents in the area to attend, so that we can discuss any problems with them.

Service Review Groups

When Tamar looks at how to improve a service, we involve residents in the process.  Normally we will convene a group which will include interested residents.  They will be involved in setting the priorities for the service, selecting contractors, interviewing the contractors and deciding how we communicate to other residents.



Other ways that we get residents involved

Tamar also uses a variety of other ways to involve residents in decision making.  For example, we regularly carry out surveys of residents’ views and carry out consultations when we are thinking of making changes to services.

Finally, complaints are a way to improve services.  Where we receive a formal complaint, this is always reported to the Residents’ Group and we discuss how Tamar can learn from what went wrong.

Do you want to get involved?

Do you want to find out more about how you can get involved? 

Do you have opinions on Tamar’s services or on how we do things?

Do you have an idea of how we could involve you better?

Then why not give us a call on 01752 250902