Customer Surveys

As part of our everyday work, Tamar carries out a variety of customer surveys.  These may be done to check up on the quality of our work or to find out about residents views on a particular subject.

Resident satisfaction survey

Every three years Tamar runs a residents satisfaction survey of all of our residents.  In the past we have been very lucky to get a return rate of 40%.  The latest survey was carried out in 2020.  It showed that;

  • 94% of residents were satisfied with Tamar’s overall service
  • 96% judged Tamar as a professional organisation
  • 95% said Tamar were fair
  • 94% said Tamar had a good reputation locally
  • 87% were satisfied with the quality of their home
  • 91% were satisfied with Tamar Repairs Service
  • 91% were satisfied that their views were taken into account 

Ongoing surveys

Tamar carries out regular ongoing surveys to check the quality of our work.  These include surveying everyone who has a repair carried out by the Tamar Repairs Service, post lettings survey and surveys of anti-social behaviour cases.

One off surveys

Tamar carried out a variety of one off surveys to find out the views of residents about a particular service.  For example, we recently carried out a survey on how residents used the internet.  This helped us to understand how to develop our website.

Results of our surveys

The results of our surveys are reported in the Residents’ Newsletter.