Annual Report to Residents

This page sets out how residents can monitor Tamar's performance.  You can download a list of the measures that Tamar uses and when these will be published to residents.  The list has been developed after consultation with our residents, and includes the measures that they think are the most important and relevant to them. 

Tamar’s performance in these areas will be published on a regular basis.  All of the measures will be published in our Annual Report to Residents, due in September each year.  Some of the measures will also be reported to our Residents’ Group on a quarterly basis as part of their work scrutinising Tamar’s performance.  If you are not on the Residents’ Group, you will be able to find details of our performance updated quarterly on the website.

How you can judge our performance

Along with information about Tamar’s performance on these measures, Tamar will also provide residents with benchmarking information.  This is information about how other housing providers are performing, so that residents can compare the performance of Tamar with similar organisations.

Also, where the information is available, Tamar will provide information about how performance in these areas has changed over the past.  This will help residents to understand where we are improving and where there is room for further work.

At present, the Residents’ Group do not think it is appropriate to set targets for Tamar’s performance.  However, they may do so in future.

What is Tamar’s performance is not up to standard?

The Residents’ Group will monitor Tamar’s performance throughout the year.  If they think that there is an area of Tamar’s performance that is not acceptable, they can ask Tamar what it is doing to improve things.  If this happens we will publicise it in our newsletter.

If a resident is unhappy with the Tamar’s performance on any of these areas, then they can write to Tamar or to the Residents’ Group to set out their concerns.  Letters should be addressed to;

The Residents’ Group
C/o Tamar Housing
Studio 5-11
Millbay Road

The Residents’ Group can write to Tamar or its Board with recommendations or suggestions for improvements.  If there are serious deficiencies in service delivery the Residents’ Group can serve the Board of Tamar with a Notice of Action requiring the Board to take action to remedy the problem.

What Standards can you expect from Tamar?

Details of the standards and services you can expect from Tamar are set out in full in the Residents’ Handbook.

How are these Standards Reviewed?

Tamar reviews all of its policies at least every three years.  When policies that directly affect the residents are being reviewed the Residents’ Group is consulted in detail.  For some policies which the group feel are very important, the group may form a sub committee to review the policy as part of their scrutiny work.  

The Residents’ Group will also review the performance information provided by Tamar on an annual basis.  If the Group think that it is appropriate, they may request minimum standards or targets.