Getting Involved

Tamar is committed to providing excellent services to our residents.  In order to achieve this we want to involve residents in all of the decisions that affect them and their homes.

Our Priorities

We understand that the amount of time residents may have to spare to help us improve our services will vary.  Therefore we will try to provide a wide range of opportunities for residents to get involved, and will especially try to involve those who are normally under represented.

Here at Tamar we try to build strong communities where the residents are able to help and support each other.  We will also keep looking at new ways to involve residents and to get  feedback from them. If an activity does not provide a good way to get people involved we may stop doing it and replace it with something more effective.


Tamar uses a variety of methods of communication, so that we keep our residents up to date on what we are doing and how they can get involved.

The main method is the quarterly Residents' Newsletter, which includes information about what is happening at Tamar, any activities we are planning and feedback on what we have done.  We also try to include information that might be of interest to residents.

Residents can get involved in the production of the Newsletter by contacting our offices.  We also often ask the Residents’ Group what they would like to see in the Newsletter.

We also produce leaflets on a number of subjects of interest to residents, some of which form the Residents' Handbook.