Value For Money

Value For money (VFM) has long been defined as the relationship between economy, efficiency and effectiveness. VFM is not just about cutting costs, it is about providing the best possible service to residents given the limited resources available.

Tamar’s Value For Money (VFM) policy aims to set out a comprehensive approach for managing its resources to provide cost-effective, efficient, quality services and homes to meet resident’s and potential resident’s needs.

The policy is linked directly to Tamar’s objectives:

-          improved Performance

-          growth whilst retaining financial stability

-          promote resident involvement and satisfaction.

An action plan is now in place which sets out the actions required to achieve the policy, giving target dates, resources required and the officers responsible. The action plan was put together from discussions, comments and ideas given at various meetings held with residents, staff and board members.

The action plan will be reviewed quarterly by Tamar’s management team and by the audit committee three times during the year.

You may view a copy of the action plan and the policy.

If you have any comments you would like to make about the action plan please contact Hilary Fursdon at