How to Make a Complaint

Tamar accepts complaints in any format, by phone, e-mail, letter, by visiting our offices or by filling out the form on the right.  

How will your complaint be dealt with?

There is an informal stage and two formal stages to our complaints procedure.

Tamar aims to resolve complaints at the earliest stage possible.  In fact, most complaints are resolved at the informal stage by the local staff responsible for the service, such as the Housing Officer.  However, if the complaint is not resolved informally, you can  make a formal complaint. 

Formal Complaints

Normally, for formal complaints, we would try to visit or phone you to discuss your complaint and how it might be resolved.  In any case, at each stage you can expect to get a written response to your complaint which outlines our decision and the reasons for it.  You will also be told how to appeal if you are not satisfied with the decision we make.

What will the outcome be?

This will depend on the circumstances of the complaint.  Where things have gone wrong we will try to put them right and to apologise for our mistake. 

We will also try to learn from complaints, so that the same thing is not repeated.  Where we do not agree with your complaint we will tell you and explain why.

For stage two, an Appeals Panel will be convened.  This is made up of a Board Member, a member of Tamar’s Residents’ Group and one senior member of staff who has not been previously involved.  They will review the case and may ask to talk to the person who has made the complaint.