Anti-Social Behaviour

Tamar believes that all residents have the right to enjoy their homes without nuisance or annoyance from their neighbours. Where there is anti-social behaviour (also called ASB), Tamar will do what it can to support residents to resolve problems as quickly as possible.  Where appropriate Tamar will take legal action against residents or neighbours who cause ASB.



Tamar treats all reports of ASB confidentially.  This means that we will not tell the perpetrator who has made the compliant against them.  However, in some cases it is obvious who has complained and we can’t stop the perpetrator making assumptions about who has complained.  We won’t tell the perpetrator, the Police or any other agency that you have made a complaint, unless you give us permission to.

What is anti-social Behaviour?

Anti-social behaviour is any behaviour that may cause alarm, distress or upset to other residents.  This includes but is not limited to:

  • Noise nuisance, loud music, shouting, parties etc
  • Rowdy behavoiur
  • Intimidation or harassment
  • Violence against people or property
  • Rowdy behaviour
  • Targeting people because they are members of particular groups such as on the grounds of race, sexuality, gender, religion, disability etc
  • Committing crimes that cause a nuisance or annoyance to others
  • Nuisance from pets, such as dog barking or fouling
  • Inconsiderate behaviour such as untidy gardens, dumping rubbish, parking problems and car repairs

What can I do if I am experiencing ASB?

Tamar expects residents to take responsibility for resolving problems with neighbours themselves, wherever possible.  In the first instance you should speak to your neighbour to try to resolve the problem, so long as it is safe to do so.  If this doesn’t work then you should contact Tamar for advice and assistance.

You should try to keep a record of the ASB, by filling out a diary of events.  Tamar can help you do this.  You may also want to speak to other neighbours as they may also bee affected by the ASB.

If the ASB involves violence you should call the Police.


In some cases mediation is the best way to resolve ASB.  Mediation is about helping you to sort out the problem as quickly as possible by giving everyone the chance to talk about the problems in a safe and controlled way.  You don’t necessarily have to meet the other person.  Tamar may suggest mediation, where we think this may help to resolve a problem

What will Tamar do?

Tamar will respond to all reports of ASB promptly.  We base our approach on the needs of the person reporting the ASB.  We will treat all reports of ASB seriously and all people who complain sympathetically.  You can expect Tamar to:

  • Agree with you how we are going to try to help you to resolve the situation
  • Seek your permission before contacting any other agencies or the perpetrator of the ASB
  • Put you in contact with outside agencies which may be able to provide support and practical help.  This might include the Police or the ASB unit of your local council
  • Provide additional security measures if this is appropriate.  In exceptional cases we may move you to another location to protect your safety
  • Keep you informed on the progress of your complaint.  
  • If legal action is proposed we will agree with you how Tamar will support you through the process

What happens if the behaviour continues?

We often ask residents to complete a diary of incidents.  This helps us by giving specific times and dates when the ASB was happening and how serious it is.  It is especially useful if the case goes to Court, as we will need to provide evidence of the ASB.  You can download diary sheets by clicking teh link to the right of this page

In serious cases, or where ASB is persistent, Tamar has a number of legal remedies available.  This can lead to the eviction of tenants, Anti-Social Behaviour Orders or Injunctions for ASB depending on the case.  However, this is always the last resort, and the process is likely to take some time.