Customer Charter

Equality and Diversity

Tamar will ensure that our procedures and practices are free from either direct or indirect discriminatory behaviour. We will also seek to promote good practice in equality and diversity matters and a positive approach to eliminating discrimination.

Living in your home

You have the right to live in your home peacefully and so do your neighbours. 

All new tenants are given Starter Tenancies (Except some Rentplus tenants).  This is an Assured Shorthold Tenancy which lasts for 12 months.  So long as this tenancy is conducted satisfactorily Tamar will convert it to a full Assured Tenancy or Fixed Term Tenancy after 12 months.

You will have the right to stay in your home for as long as your tenancy agreement allows.  For Starter Tenancies, this is for 12 months, for Fixed Term Tenancies this is for the period of the tenancy and for Assured Tenancies there is no time limit.


There may be circumstances where you are asked to leave your home.  Tamar will give you written notice if this is the case and will normally have to apply to the Courts for an order to evict you.  You will get the opportunity to explain to the Court why you should not be evicted.  Tamar will only evict you from your home as a last resort and when there is no reasonable alternative. 

For Fixed term Tenants, you may be asked to leave your home at the end of your Fixed Term.  The criterion that we use to decide if you are going to be asked to leave are set out under the Your Home section of the website.

Anti-Social Behaviour

If you suffer from anti-social behaviour Tamar will provide support and advice in dealing with the problems.  Where appropriate, Tamar may take legal action against tenants who cause anti-social behaviour.  You could be at risk of losing your home if your behaviour or that of a member of your household or visitor to your property causes serious nuisance to the people living around you.

Paying for your home

Tamar sets its rents in line with the Government Rent policy, which is set our in our Rent leaflet.

Your rent will only be increased once per year on the first Monday in April and Tamar will give you at least 28 days notice of the increase.  

You could be at risk of losing your home if you do not pay your rent or other charges.  If you are having difficulties please let us know as we may be able to provide help or assistance.

Service Charges

Some tenants, shared owners and leaseholders are asked to pay a service charge for their homes.  This is for the upkeep of communal areas.

Tamar will give you information about the charges you are required to pay and how these are calculated.  You will be given written notice of any changes to your service charge.  If you have any queries or if you dispute the level of your service charge you should contact us.


Tamar is responsible for repairs to your home and will keep it in good repair and ensure that it is safe and fit for you to live in.  (Please note that the rules for repairs to Shared Ownership properties differ from those where you are a tenant) Tamar will make it as easy as possible for you to report repairs.  Tamar operates a 24 hour repair service and will provide you with the phone numbers to report repairs.


You are able to make certain improvements to your home yourself such as a new kitchen or bathroom.  If you want to make an improvement, please contact the office.


Tamar will provide all residents with information about what we are doing and how we are performing.  We will do this by producing regular newsletters and sending a copy of our annual report to all residents. 

We will also provide information to residents by producing a resident’s handbook and leaflets explaining our policies and procedures.

If you require information in large print or in another language you should contact Tamar so we can make the arrangements.

Data protection

Tamar will hold data on residents only when it is needed to fulfil our functions and to comply with legal requirements.  We will only supply this information to third parties where you have consented to doing so or where the law permits it.

Consultation and involvement

Tamar will seek the views of residents on the services we provide and how these may be changed and improved. 

We will provide as many different ways for residents to get involved in the decision making about their homes including being part of Tamar’s Board, via a Tamar wide resident’s group, holding regular residents meetings, carrying out surveys, organising social events, holding focus groups, using the new media etc.


Despite all our efforts, Tamar recognises that sometimes things go wrong.  Consequently Tamar has a complaints policy which residents can access to get things put right.  Tamar produces a leaflet on complaints which gives more details of our approach to complaints and the process which we use.