The History of Tamar

The “founding” meeting of Tamar Housing Society took place in late 1966. Those attending were all local professionals and businessmen, each with a strong commitment to serving the local community.

Initially Tamar  built co-ownership flats and three schemes were developed by 1974.  As Housing Acts in the 1970s brought more government funding to housing associations, Tamar was able to develop further properties.

During the early years Tamar’s management was carried out by agents, accountants looked after the financial affairs of the organisation, developments were run by local architects, and day-to-day management and maintenance were covered by an estate agent. In 1990, Tamar opened an office and appointed Bill Haley as General Manager.


Tamar's History

Tamar Today

Tamar Housing and South Western Housing Society are now known as the Willow Tree Housing Partnership. The two associations have formed a partnership that is governed by one board and executive team, which will generate efficiencies within the businesses to build resilience going forward. The Partnership will also share staff, in order to deliver more effective services to our tenants and residents wherever possible, going forward. Tamar's outgoing CEO, Julie Barnett retired and the Partnership's CEO is now Donna Johnson.